Anuska Sampedro
Frontend Developer and Visual Designer


I create successful websites that are fast, easy to use, and built with best practices.

I am a visual designer and web developer with passion for creating an interactive, useful, and delightful user experience. As a designer, I enjoy solving complex problems by using a holistic design process with a focus on multi-disciplinary collaboration and rapid iteration.

My skills are broad: from frontend and backend development to UX/UI and graphic design, I enjoy each aspect, and love building sites and mobile apps from start to finish, for clients all over the world.

I value simple content structure, clean design patterns and thoughtful interactions. My past experience is in visual design but I also have a passion for frontend development which is what I am currently working in. Given that producing a modern website requires the combination of design, technology, and an user-centered design process, I believe having experience in both design and development allows me to make the most optimal products.

While most of my attention is on interactive projects, I also do branding from time to time. This includes logo design, business cards, and other printed materials. Lately I am very interested in UI/UX design and I spend my time learning about wireframes, sitemaps and user experience design which I put to good use on every project I work on.



I enjoy bringing ideas to life in the browser and combining design and business logic to achieve a user-facing product. To do this successfully, a wide skill set is necessary to produce a quality user experience that leads to meeting business goals.

My main focus is on mobile-first responsive and accessible websites designed with HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 (and Sass, Scss, Less) and I also develop in React and Angular.

UI and Design

I value simple content structure, clean design patterns, and thoughtful interactions. My approach to website design is to create a website that strengthens your company’s brand while ensuring ease of use and simplicity for all users.

Once the proper information architecture is in place, I design the visual layer to create a beautiful user experience. Getting the interface right and most importantly, making it easy to navigate, are the keys to a successful app.


I build websites with WordPress. You can easily update every piece of content, turn sections on or off and so much more. The purpose of this kind of website is to let you manage content yourself, without the need of a developer.

Typography, user experience, readability, and great design will get people engaged in your store.



Game Radar


Final project for Coding Bootcamp Praha.

Game Radar is an application that allows game enthusiasts to engage with local friends, create events, trade games and share their game collection with friends.

yoga tours

Yoga Tours


Tours and retreats



Hotels website



Recipes Website



Museum Website
studio ghibli website

Studio Ghibli Database

React, CSS

weather app

Weather App

React, CSS

simple website

Acura Management


cofee hipster website

Coffee Bar

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Bootstrap website


HTML, CSS, Bootstrap



HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

simple website

Belfast Kindergarden



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I’m a frontend developer and visual designer living in Madrid with experience in many different areas of web development from frontend engineering to user experience and visual design.

I have worked in web and print based projects for a range of clients providing design services and web development solutions and collaborated with several clients in the USA and Europe. Also I have worked as a frontend developer (and currently do) as part of a team in various companies across Europe.

I have acquired project and time management skills, as well as the ability to communicate effectively with team members and clients while meeting milestones and tight deadlines.

Aside from web development, I enjoy drawing, painting, reading, photography and playing guitar, to name a few.

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